• Manufacturer’s warranty coverage is limited parts – labor and refrigerant are not covered items.
  • Serial numbers are 12 digits long and start with a letter.
  • Please see your dealer for the location of your serial numbers.
  • This warranty applies to units manufactured after 02-01-2006 and installed after 04-01-2007.
  • Install Date can not be in the future.
  • Commercial applications are not eligible for the 10 year registered warranty.
  • If you have any questions please contact the Warranty Department at 1-800-422-4328.
Unit Information (If a unit was provided under warranty, please do not register replacement unit)
Install/Occupancy Date:
If you do not know your unit serial number(s), please contact your installing dealer.
Outdoor Unit Serial #:     Model #:  
Furnace Serial #:     Model #:  
Air Handler/Coil Serial #:     Model #:  
Dealer/Installer Information   
  • Click on the Button to search for Dealer/Installer.
  • If you know the Dealer/Installer ID, enter the ID and press "Tab".
  • The Dealer/Installer ID is 6 characters, if you have a 8 character Dealer/Installer ID, please use the last 6 characters.
  • If the Dealer/Installer is not on the list, then enter "000000" in Dealer/Installer ID and enter other details.
Registration Date:
Dealer/Installer ID:   *** Please check the Dealer/Installer guidelines mentioned above ***
Dealer/Installer Name:
City: State:
Homeowner Information
First Name:
Last Name:
ATTENTION: The warranty you are registering is the manufacturer's limited parts warranty and does not include labor or refrigerant.
Upgrade to Include Labor Coverage
The warranty you are registering is the manufacturer's limited parts warranty. While it covers your system's parts,it does not include labor or refrigerant expenses charged by a contractor to repair or replace a part. As a consumer you have the right to purchase additional coverage on your new HVAC system to cover those labor expenses.
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